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  • Not just aesthetics

    A well-designed interface is a signpost for the user. It highlights functionality, and it does not disguise it with purely aesthetic form.

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  • Touch first

    The way we interact with computer changes. This causes increasing demands from interface designers. In today's world an application must be "nice in touch".

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  • "Do not make me think"

    Interface must be concentrated on human natural behaviours. It has to be transparent, and allow to focus on what we want to do rather than how we must do it.

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  • Interface is a brand

    Image of your company is too valuable to make the interface the weakest point of your products. It is crucial for the perception of the brand.

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Welcome Partner

My name is Martin. I am a graphic designer, whose passion is designing software for human beings.

I can help you with

Overview of technological possibilities

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    HTML5 & CSS3

    Current technology rock star. The name stands for the combination of Java Script, the latest version of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) and, of course, HTML5. Websites description language whose career has exceeded the wildest dreams of WC3.

    Today HTML5 breaks boundaries of browser window. In desktop applications it can be used as the primary interface description language, providing high compatibility, easy development and satisfying performance.

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    Created by Nokia, and now developed under the Digia brand, Qt - a multi-platform application framework wins hearts of growing number of developers. It is supported by free tools and QML - created specially for the Qt interface description language.

    When it comes to multi-platform compatibility, this technology is second to none. Standing on guard Qt, proven C++ language, creates a unique combination of performance and huge potential in the field of ​​user interface.

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    XML-based interface description language developed by Microsoft as part of the .Net platform. Used in WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone and the latest Windows 8 apps. It is a perfect choice for graphically rich applications designed for the Windows platform.

    Based on vector graphics allows you to forget about the limitations resulting from different screen resolutions. Excellent tools, as Visual Studio and Blend, allow rapid development process.


Latest works

Customers about me

"His skill level, wide knowledge and professionalism, as well as sense of customer needs are just few biggest qualities of Martin Zajac work. I am convinced that the decision to cooperate with him as a designer was the right one"

Christopher Soboń, VASTA Interactive